National Kids Cancer Ride

Well that is a Wrap!

An amazing 8 day inspirational bicycling trip across Canada in the fight against kids cancer has come to an end!

On Friday we started the day with a 5 am dedication to Katie Wilson the daughter of our volunteer team member Brent Wilson.  Katie passed away from cancer just shy of her 16th birthday.  That dedication powered me to cycle 321 kms from Moncton to Halifax.  It somehow seemed almost effortless and I truly believe that was the power Katie and our other kids cancer ambassadors gave to us that day.  Yes this event opens you up to new insights about what is possible!

As we finished and were greeted by team 1 and 2 from the 17 day National Kids Cancer Ride my daughter surprised me by flying into Halifax to join me for the celebratory ride to Peggy’s Cove on Saturday.  Smiling from ear to ear it was the perfect addition to what was already an emotionally charged day. 

Then the big closing day on Saturday!  After the celebratory ride with the rest of the National Kids Cancer Team out to Perry’s Cove we circled back for the wheel dip at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.  We followed that last night by a gala dinner where the journey was shared with family and friends. 

As this comes to an end,  I want to thank a ton of people whose support and dedication are beyond words.

First to the 11 volunteers on The Chase and the more than 30 volunteers the other National Ride teams thank you.  Thank you for not only supporting the riders but also choosing to support this cause.    We simply could not do the event without you.

Second to my 7 rider teammates on The Chase WOW!  David Morland, Erik Jensen, Michael Britton, Dave Swindells, Henry Vandenhoogen, Robert Tracogna, and Craig Tyndall while you are all great cyclists quite frankly you are even better human beings for your fundraising, for your compassion, for your beliefs & values  and for who you are as people.  I wouldn’t change a minute of our time together.

Third to the other 28 riders on the “normal” National Kids Cancer Ride thank you.  Thank you for our collective  $1.1 million fundraising  (thus far….) and your commitment to this cause.  Your dedication is unsurpassed. 

Forth to the core Foundation team who made this event happen. WOW…..incredible logistics and management.  Mike Smith, Sharon Andres, and Kim Lucas when you said “I’ve got this” you did with compassion and caring.  TRULY amazing.

Fifth to my dear friend Ron Mitchell thank you for agreeing to be our crew chief.  In 2003 we started this Foundation with that incredible 10 day coast to coast cycling event across Canada with our friends.    It simply would not be the same if you we not here for this very special 8 day repeat of that event.  Thank you for your friendship: we remain friends for life.

Sixth to all of the supporters who took the time to donate to the cause, thank you for helping us raise the funding for kids cancer research.  As many of our long term supports know that research has pushed survival rates for kids cancer from 10% 50 years ago to almost 80% today.  HOWEVER, even with that progress  this dreadful disease still takes more kids than all other childhood diseases combined and funding for research has and will continue to improve survival rates.  Know your donations make a difference.  Within this thank you to firms & individuals who donated I want to give a very special call out to my business partners/friends and our team at Media Resources.  Thank you for your friendship, support and personal donations.  Words can’t express what that means to me.  

And last but definitely not least a massive call out to my family for your unwavering support. From my incredible Mom & Dad & In-laws, to my aunts & uncles, to my incredible kids Brooklyn & Skylar, and to my soulmate and love of my life Diane I simply can’t thank you all enough for your love and support.  

As we finish The Chase, The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation ( will continue the fight against kids cancer through our other events and some new fundraising programs we will launch. From day one and into the future we remain committed to making a meaningful difference in the life outcomes of kids living with and beyond cancer.

Feel the love!

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