I have been part of this incredible group since 2011.  Since then I have met kids year after year right across Canada who are now growing, healthy and a long way away from the hospital room where I met them.  It’s amazing to know that I have helped them make that positive journey. You can too!

Mark Geene: National Rider and Crew

The spirit of the National Kids Cancer Ride is rooted in the enthusiasm of our volunteers. We simply could not travel across the country safely and successfully without our volunteers.

The National Kids Cancer Ride is looking for 25-30 volunteers to be a part of our life changing experience.
Whether you have a specific talent such as an RMT, mechanic or medic or you love to cook for a large group and drive for hours – we have a role and need for you. In addition to life long memories, you’ll share laughs, adventure, real friendships and some dirty laundry once in a while. Volunteer roles are outlined below and our preference is that you travel with us for the duration of the event – 18 days, however, we realize not everyone can spare that much time. If you’re available for half our event and maybe know someone for the 2nd half of he event – please contact us! Make sure you visit our FAQ’s for details on fundraising, SWAG, and more.

Ready to sign up? Contact Sharon.Andres@ctcacf.org to chat and set up an interview before registering online.


These roles require commitment for the entire event and include early mornings, some late evenings and significant physical activity. As Volunteer you will bond with cyclists and other volunteers, embrace the great outdoors, cook the large potluck dinners on a regular basis, PLUS you’ll receive a SWAG bag with your official National Kids Cancer Ride clothing along with a lifetime of memories. Roles include:

Mechanics: (2 needed)

Mechanics support, care and nourish our bikes and egos. Bike mechanics are responsible for maintenance and repairs and should be in constant contact with riders regarding issues. Mechanics supply their own tools but CTC supplies all basic repair materials. Bike mechanics also share in driving responsibilities.

Medics: (2 needed)

Medics are on call 24hrs to respond to accidents and illness. Medics are also responsible to communicate with all riders and volunteers to stay apprised of any potential health problems. CTC provides all medical supplies and health status reports on all participants.

Photographer/Videographer: (2 needed)

Must work with Organizers, road manager and ride captain. Document the entire event and post photos and videos on a daily basis as per photo script. Videographer assists in creating a video on last day of the ride.

Crew: (20 needed)

Includes Crew chief, assistant and RV drivers.

Crew Chief works with the event manager to oversee all requirements on the road and ensure the safety of riders and volunteers. The Crew Chief manages all rest stop set ups, cyclists departure and arrival times, food preparation and cooking, determines team roles and responsibilities and maintains all supplies. The Crew Chief drives and manages the 16’ support van that accompanies the team.

Assistants travel in the support truck with the crew chief and assist in all the Crew Chief functions. Must be comfortable with long hours and driving extended distances.

RV drivers drive the RV’s and have other roles as per the Crew Chiefs directions during the day. These include: assisting in the setup of rest stops, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, providing cyclist support and other jobs as required. Must be comfortable driving long distances.

RMT: (2)

RMTs are responsible for the nonmedical needs of the riders and volunteers. RMT’s are required to perform maintenance on and respond to specific injuries for all participants. Peak times are in the morning before riders depart, during breaks in the day and in the evening after riders are finished for the day.


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