National Kids Cancer Ride

They call me Sage

Day 2 of our trip and we were up at 6:30am for a 7am breakfast.  My legs were feeling sore and we were all, drivers and crew alike, tired from lack of sleep.  We had a great breakfast laid on by the Husky restaurant and then were shuttled 40km up the road where we unloaded to start our next stretch…or at least some of us did.  RV 2a made a wrong turn and ended up going in the other direction, so 5 of us headed up the road towards Lake Louis and we met up with the rest after 40km.  Today Rochelle decided I should be called Sage, in keeping with the trend.

Lunch today was in Radium and was put on by the staff at the visitors centre.  We had hamburgers as well as elk roast and bear sausage, which was marvelous.  The visitor centre staff took part in our dedication of the ride and shortly after we were off to Lake Louis.  A short few kilometers and we followed the highway through a narrow crevice and started into the heavy climbing of the day up across the Continental divide up through the Vermilion Pass.  With all the climbing we did the previous day, I was surprised at how well my legs were holding up, but it was a long hard climb.  The memories of the string of beads being pulled out of the water bottle by Patrick crept into my head as the climbing was it’s toughest and kept me going.  The smoke today was actually the heaviest so far and we could see nothing of the surrounding mountains.  Riding wise our group was really starting to gel together and our pace and rotations were getting slick.  Altogether we went 197km with just over 2000 meters of climbing.

We rolled into Lake Louise at about 6:15pm and went to a temporary area where the RVs were parked.  There we were able to have a shower at a hostel nearby and also go to the stores in the small strip mall by the visitor centre.  Our crew once again prepared an awesome meal and we had a chance to sit around and enjoy each other’s company for a brief time.  Everyone was dog tired though, especially the volunteer crew that had started early and worked hard all day to keep us going, so by 10pm were shuttled over to the overflow parking area where our truck was parked and we shut down for the night.

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