Support Crew

The spirit of the National Kids Cancer Ride is rooted in the enthusiasm of our support crew. We simply could not travel across the country safely and successfully without our crew.

The National Kids Cancer Ride is looking for 25-30 crew to be a part of our life changing experience.
Whether you have a specific talent such as an RMT, mechanic or medic or you love to cook for a large group and drive for hours – we have a role and need for you. In addition to life long memories, you’ll share laughs, adventure, real friendships and some dirty laundry once in a while. Support crew roles are outlined below and our preference is that you travel with us for the duration of the event – 18 days, however, we realize not everyone can spare that much time. If you’re available for half our event and know someone available for the 2nd half of the event – please contact us! Make sure you visit our FAQ’s for details on fundraising, SWAG, and more.

Ready to sign up? Contact or if you have any questions before applying.

Apply to be a Crew Member


These roles require commitment for the entire event and include early mornings, some late evenings and significant physical activity. As crew you will bond with cyclists and other crew, embrace the great outdoors, cook the large potluck dinners on a regular basis, PLUS you’ll receive a SWAG bag with your official National Kids Cancer Ride clothing along with a lifetime of memories.

Support Crew Requirements

Crew Chief/Co Crew Chief (4)


  • Work with Event Manager
  • Oversee all requirements on the road and ensures the safety of ALL participants (riders, support crew, transport trucks)
  • Make final decisions. Ride, no ride decisions based on safety, timing, etc.
  • Prepare advance view of the route every day
  • Manage all rest stop set ups (set up banners, ambassador boards, interact with rest stop community)
  • Provide status update to rest stops (6-12 hours out)
  • Provide advice when a cyclist should “take a day off.” Medic owns final decision when relating to health
  • Maintain schedule, if team falls behind, it may be necessary to shuttle to rest stop.
  • Keep everyone on time (5-minute warning rule) includes shower and pottie schedule, leaving rest stops on time etc.
  • Prepare food and cooking along with RVs
  • Determine team roles and responsibilities with Event Manager
  • Maintain all supplies, petty cash, event paperwork (receipts, permits)
  • First awake, last to sleep
  • LOTS of driving – across the country!!!


  • Ability to make quick and definitive decisions
  • Be available leading up to the event in warehouse in Toronto to prep for event
  • Must be comfortable driving a 16’ cube van, able to provide basic car maintenance
  • Excellent navigation skills
  • Must be able to get along with different personalities
  • Show initiative and respect to the team
  • Must be available August 31st to fly to Vancouver, work in warehouse prepping trucks and attending meetings pre-event. Last to return home from Halifax on September 22nd/23rd.  Must ensure transport truck is completely packed
  • Maintain a clean and organized cube
  • Must be team player
  • Valid G license

RV Drivers/Navigators (12-14)


  • RV drivers work as a team. You are strongly encouraged to volunteer at Tour for Kids as training experience
  • Take on various tasks including support vehicle behind riders, laundry, setting up rest stop, cooking for entire team and grocery shopping
  • Need 2 RV Drivers/Navigators per team with an interest in cooking.  They will be responsible for most of the cooking for each team. 
  • Arrive in Vancouver August 31st/September 1st, depart Halifax Sept 22nd/23rd
  • Pick up RV’s in Vancouver and drop off in Halifax
  • Shuttle riders and other support crew when necessary
  • Driving an RV requires the driver to focus only on driving. The navigator makes phone calls, ensure the RV is on the correct route etc.


  • Strong navigation skills
  • Able to make a meal for team on the side of the road
  • Outgoing personality (must keep riders engaged and entertained – costumes)
  • Must be comfortable with driving long distances
  • Must maintain a clean and organized RV
  • Must be team player
  • Valid G license

Photographer/Videographer (2)


  • You are the keeper of all our memories! Take photos and video of all aspects of the event including the orientation meetings in Vancouver, opening ceremonies at White Rock on the 4th, travelling with cyclists along the route, visits at various rest stops and hospitals and the closing ceremonies in Halifax.
  • The closing ceremonies in Halifax includes two videos you produce; a 2-3 minute video including background music of the event highlighting key events and people we met and a 2 min video of all the support crew photos
  • Edit and update photos nightly
  • Pitch in where required; helping with meal prep, driving
  • Arrive in Vancouver September 1st, depart Halifax Sept 22nd


  • Experience is needed as a photographer and editor, you do not have to be professional
  • MUST have your own equipment
    • DSLR camera body
    • Wide lens, telephoto, portrait
    • Laptop with external hard drive
    • Audio equipment (video)
    • CF or SD cards 64g with card reader
    • Lightroom or photoshop (or any other culling/editing program)
  • Appetite for story telling and team player
  • Drivers license is a bonus

RMT (2)


  • Assessing and treating 6-18 cyclists daily
  • Massage cyclists when required
    • In the morning before riding
    • During breaks in the day
    • At the end of their 160 & 200km daily ride
  • Assist riders and support crew with mobility through stretching exercises
  • Pitch in where required; helping with meal prep
  • Arrive in Vancouver September 1st, depart Halifax Sept 22nd


  • Valid registration and in good standing with the College of Registered Massage Therapists
  • Proof of insurance coverage
  • Must bring your table and necessary equipment
  • Able to handle workload
  • Valid G license

Mechanic (2)


  • Check all bikes over for any safety concerns in Vancouver before National Ride (brakes, shifting and making sure handle bars are tight etc)
  • Check all bicycle supplies to make sure you have what you need for general repairs; chains, cables, tubes, tires, lubes and degreaser etc
  • Responsible for the maintenance and repairs for all bikes.
  • Be in constant contact with cyclists
  • Follow cyclists in our support vehicle along with medic and photographer. Share driving responsibility with medic in the support vehicle, pitch in where required
  • Arrive in Vancouver August 31st/September 1st, depart Halifax Sept 22nd
  • Assist in vehicle pickup, airport shuttles and shopping in Vancouver and packing up in Halifax


  • Experience needed
  • MUST have your own tools
  • Valid G license

Medic (2)


  • Be available to provide care/support to all participants
  • Observe and report/discuss changes in physical and emotional symptoms with participant and crew chief where indicated
  • Provide access to OTC medications
  • Provide support to participants who take prescription medication
  • Common wound care
  • Assisting riders with daily care to avoid injury/skin breakdown
  • Monitor and assess participants response to treatments plans
  • In consultation with participant and/or crew chief, provide advice when a participant should modify duties or participation in event.
  • While in support vehicle, follow riders providing support, guidance and nourishment where indicated
  • Identify and communicate potential safety issues
  • Arrive in Vancouver September 1st, depart Halifax September 22nd


  • Experience in nursing or advanced first aide
  • Minimum 2 years of recent related experience providing treatment
  • Able to work independently, exercise initiative and good judgement
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Valid G license

Support Van/Event Manager (2) TBD


  • Make decisions with Crew on the safety of the event based on road conditions and weather
  • First to arrive at main rest stops such as Hospital Foundations
  • Take over route support from Medic/Mechanic in an emergency
  • Advance vehicle checks out routes/road conditions and warns team of road closures
  • Goes off course when necessary to purchase supplies for Medic/Mechanic
  • Independent from rest of team, but meets up at rest stops, end of day and key locations
  • Arrive in Vancouver August 31st/September 1st, depart Halifax Sept 22nd/23rd


  • Strong navigation skills
  • Must be comfortable with driving long distances
  • Must be team player
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Valid G license


Not able to get time off work in the month of September?  Love the comfort of your bed too much to give it up for a snoring cyclist?  We hear ya!

There’re several roles we need  help with before and during the event.  If you have a special talent, know the mayor of Thunder Bay, have a friend or who lives in Swift Current…we NEED you. The success of The National Ride hinges on the support of local communities  right across the country, and we need your help to reach out to as many of the 200 communities we will be visiting as possible.  From your contacts we need to source; showers, individuals, clubs or businesses  who would be willing to treat us to a meal, media relations and local politicians who will help promote the event.

Additionally, we need support with local police for escorts in major cities such as Toronto, Halifax and throughout Quebec and support with permits, particularly in Alberta and Quebec. Without permits we can’t ride on some roads.

Experience has proven people want to help, they just don’t know how to help. If you enjoy “poking around” on the internet, working in your jammies from home and socializing with strangers we need you! Take on the challenge of calling/emailing people and perhaps begging for free stuff – we will find a role for you!

Rest Stop/Showers (2)

Work with route guy and Event Manager sourcing approx. 200 rest stops across the country. The goal is to get food, prepared meals, drinks etc. for free. For new rest stops, you will be sourcing a location based on the route using google maps, looking for contact info online and reaching out. We will provide details such as timing, number of participants, nutrition needs etc. You will remain in contact with the stop until the end of the event providing updates every 4 weeks.  For existing rest stops, you will confirm details of the event and provide updates

Permits (2)

Work with route guy and determine where permits are required. Alberta and Quebec are a must.  We’ll help determine who you need to contact initially but you’ll be on your own most of the time.  Not gonna lie, you’ll often feel like you’re walking in circles.

Media Relations (1)

Work with Rest Stop team, source and contact media in communities across country

Police Escorts (1)

To ensure our team is safe we need support in various towns/cities across the country. White Rock, Toronto, Halifax etc.

Special Contacts (2)

  • RCMP: To help with anything and everything!  There’re so many aspects of the National Ride we couldn’t do without the help of the RCMP.
  • Hell’s Angels: Seriously, these guys rock!  Throughout the years we’ve run into many bikers that have helped from route support, navigation, rest stops etc.  We’d love to have a few groups escort us in various communities or just ride with us on the routes.  The impact from these soft-hearted guys in incredible and who doesn’t want to see a group of bikers hang with a bunch of spandex clad cyclists!
  • Local Politicians: Work with Rest Stop team and Media Relations, reach out to local politicians and encourage their support.  They’ll often help the day the cyclists arrive and show up at the event – who doesn’t love a great photo op!  Know Justin Trudeau?  Call us ASAP!!

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