National Kids Cancer Ride


I kind of knew Steve the first time he introduced himself around the table at our first team meeting in Vancouver. A man that would deferentially describe himself as a “truck driver”. I knew right away he is more than that… he is Beth’s uncle Neil who died of cancer. Neil was a golf pro that could intimidate you if you didn’t get his sense of humour or his faux snarky sarcasm. Fortunately, that’s right up my alley and I saw right through Neil as I see through Steve… giant men with tough exteriors and hearts of gold. I looked up to Neil and miss him very much. Steve is our 2nd in command (tied with Sharon…. though we have not released our final rankings). Steve has partially ridden the national ride, has volunteered many times and even crew chiefed a time or two. Like the rest of our volunteers on this compressed, crazy experience, he has been a rock. Steve is Neil, and that’s a great thing.

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