National Kids Cancer Ride

Some musings …

Yes. This is a bloody big country.

Yes. The selfless, endless and joyous support from our Team is perpetually uplifting.

Yes. All the riders are strong safe attentive helpful and positive.

Yes. The dedications that are read out to us over our in-ear radios remind us that the headwinds of others make ours piffle.

Yes. The middle of Canada is so damned flat that, particularly when riding at night, the normal assumption while riders my is that if the road ahead appears to drop away in the distance, then there’s a downhill relief coming – is not true … it’s just the bloody curvature of the bloody earth where it’s so flat

Yes. It is amusing if you ask someone at a gas station in Manitoba if this is the correct road to Halifax.

And lastly, yes – the music and movie selections of my fellow riders, for the most part, reveal them to be the bloody peasants they are !

Abbey Road : “The love you take is equal to the love you make”

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