National Kids Cancer Ride

Sir Nutmeg has a long blog today

Nicole and Kelly started our day with a fantastic breakfast of eggs, potatoes baked in a cheese and cream sauce, elk sausages, and I think they baked a whole ham.  it was amazing. After we finished eating we did our dedication to Nicolina who had bilateral tumors on her kidneys. She is a survivor who loves popsicles. As we readied our bikes, it was proclaimed that I would be Sir Nutmeg today.

We bid our goodbyes to Nicole and Kelly and made off for the town of Redvers, our first rest stop 47k into our 207k day.  Today we had a nice 20kph wind at our backs all day so we were riding along at a good clip.

About 15km from Redvers we were met with a firetruck that we rode behind into town. As we turned up one rode we were met by an entire school of children lined up the road cheering us in. We mingled with them on the front lawn of the school and all of them wanted to get close wih us. One boy wanted to know why we had one of our finger nails painted blue. Fluffy told the story of Fiona’s son and that blue was his favorite color. Another boy surprised us by saying that he understood as his cousin had leukemia and all the rest of the kids nodded. Needless to say Fluffy and I were overwhelmed.

I was chosen to say a few words this time around.  While I was addressing the kids at the school, kindergarten thru grade 13, Carlo and Al noticed a 6 year old girl buried waist deep in a bush with her back to me, they thought she had found something more interresting to focus on. When she finally come up for air, in her small hand was the flower she wanted to pick, then stretched up her hand towards me. Carlo and Al lifted her up onto the large stone I was standing on so she could give it to me. I thought I was in Hooville with Cindyloo Who, my heart grew 7 sizes this morning.

As soon as we had a quick bite to eat we set off, escorted a short way by a bunch of children on their bikes.  Our next rest stop at Reston in Manitoba, which was short as we had spent a bit more time in Redvers than planned.  150km into our ride we stopped at the town park in Souris for lunch.  Several folks from the Rotary club and town council were there to treat us to a BBQ of hamburgers and hotdogs along with some decadent donuts.

By now my right butt muscle was tightening right up and I was riding with a charlie horse from hell.  Henry tried his best to work it out but I was destined to work through it for the remaining 47km of our ride today.  I just kept the thought of that little Cindyloo Who girl in my head.  We finally rolled in to Wawanesa at 6:30pm and stopped at the recreation centre for showers and a great authentic Ukrainian dinner, which was put on the Ladies Auxiliary.

From Wawanesa we had a 200km shuttle ride to Winnipeg where we were spending the night.

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