National Kids Cancer Ride


We’ve decided to shuttle the group forward. After Jeff, Rob and Erik got back from their section of the 17 towards Sudbury, we had a little meeting. We have a couple of conundrums… safety on this road is an issue. For most of the section to North Bay, there is no shoulder (well, it’s a 5″ shoulder which may seem significant to some in our group, but I digress). We are also behind in our kilometer markers that is the master schedule to meet up with the main national ride in Sackville on Friday night. We don’t have hotels booked, and we could easily ride some extra legs over friday night to get into Halifax at the same time as them, but it would take away from the purpose of the Chase which was to unite into one big family for our ceremonial ride into Halifax.

Those two factors led us to shuttle forward a bit to get us out of the safety and time bind. Over the course of the three hour shuttle, we were really glad we did – 17 is a bit of a disaster. There’s a ton of traffic with nowhere to go. A lot of lane closures and construction.

We were all a bit giddy as we switched things up. Swinny rode shotgun in Rover, Mike rode shotgun in Aurora and I attempted to keep Ron company for a while in our RV, before falling asleep (note… I did navigate…. I turned my GPS on before falling asleep!).

We got to a Petro truck stop near Sudbury and when we saw they had showers, we jumped at he opportunity. Even Mike, Swinny and I who are up next and already suited up, were ecstatic at the chance of a real shower – the first in perhaps 2 days (??).

It felt like a real road trip, with lots of guy banter flying around the RV. Finally I lay down and had a good chuckle when I noticed how some clever graffiti artist had renamed RTDs toiletry bag. Lol.

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