You Can Do It!

Want to be a part of the game changing team but don’t know where or how to start?

Since 2008, more than 200 cyclists have been a part of this cross country cycling team – making real changes in the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer.

Being part of the National team requires commitment, preparation, training and fundraising. Whether you’re new to the sport of cycling or a novice – you can do it. You can ride 160km – 200km per day for 18 days. You can train and fundraise. You can make a difference!

Be inspired by our stories.

Meet Mario

Meet Mario Ferland

Ayant eu le privilège de participer à cette randonnée à 4 reprises, cela m’a confirmé combien la santé peut être fragile. Bien que j’ai eu à pédaler dans la pluie et le froid, avec des ampoules et avec un inconfort régulier, rien de cela ne peut être mis en perspective versus les douleurs et les nombreux tests et opérations que les enfants atteints du cancer subissent sur une base quotidienne. Ceux-ci nous procurent l’énergie nécessaire pour ces 18 jours de vélo afin d’amasser des fonds pour cette cause et de la faire connaître. En 4 ans, grâce à la générosité des gens de mon entourage, j’ai pu amasser plus de 210 000 $ pour ces enfants. En y mettant du temps et des efforts dès le début, la collecte de fonds et l’entraînement sont devenus partie de mon quotidien et rapidement mes objectifs à ces deux niveaux furent atteints. Les rencontres de ses enfants durant notre traversée demeureront des moments inoubliables et fort en émotion, ce qui m’a poussé à en revouloir et à refaire cette randonnée à plusieurs reprises

Meet Fiona Steele

Meet Fiona Steele “Just doing it!”

I am a mom & work at a desk. I am 55. Not athletic, just petite. My youngest son Simon lived with and died from childhood cancer a few yrs ago & I was introduced to a side of children suffering I had never envisioned. It didn’t occur to me that I would become a “mom”cologist or become a part of a club no parent ever wants to be a part of. Having said that, it also never occurred to me that I could get on a bicycle after 32 yrs & cycle across the country. It also never occurred to me that I wouldn’t make it across either…I had a goal in mind.

So I just did it. As simple as that. I made the decision to ride as I wanted so badly to raise monies to avoid other children from suffering as my son had. I could raise more monies as a rider as people would take me seriously & I was right! I bought a proper bike & just started to ride. I was so proud when I did my first 10 km in one day (ha ha). Then I did 20 km in a day….and so on & so on until I was able to do over 80km. I kept going. I tried the gym but hated it. So I just rode, & rode, & ate better.
I was on a one way trip home from West to East & my determination was my fuel.

And I did it! But I can tell you that it wasn’t about the biking. That was just the method to get across. It was the journey & the people itself that were the inspiration. We were able to let other families know that they were not alone. We raised over 1.2 million dollars collectively to be used towards making a difference in their lives. I am forever changed….you will be too.

Meet Joan Sinclair

Meet Joan SinclairMeet Joan Sinclair

I’m committed to this journey and ride so that no parent has to hear the most dreaded words “your child has cancer”. I can ride, so it is my turn to pay it forward.

I’ve been very fortunate to have to two wonderful and healthy children. Cancer is a terrible disease for anybody to face and, as a parent, I cannot begin to truly comprehend what a child with cancer and their family have to endure; the tests, the treatments, the side effects, the confusion and uncertainty of what the future holds. Cancer takes this away from these children and their families when they are supposed to be enjoying their childhood by just being a kid.

After experiencing another event “Tour for Kids” in 2008 I was hooked and needed to help these children and families. Hearing the parents talk about their children’s journey was just so overwhelming and heart wrenching. I knew I had to do something bigger, so I trained and had support from family and friends to participate in the National Ride (2014 & 2017).

I have dedicated my efforts to the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation because money raised goes to children dealing with cancer, the incredible co-founders and staff who are passionate about the cause and all of the volunteers and participants who are so inspiring.

I undertook the challenge in memory of all the fallen angels who battled their life to this dreaded disease and together we can find a cure to childhood cancer, so no parent hears those dreadful words “your child has cancer”.

Meet Frank Molinari

Meet Frank MolinariMeet Frank Molinari

I began thinking about riding for the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation many years ago simply as a physical challenge. It quickly became my charity of choice. The National Kids Cancer Ride in 2016 presented me with apprehension and anxiety but also a deep level of excitement. “It will be a life changing experience,” they said. Up to this point I had never ridden my bike more than 4 days in a row. Now I was going to ride 18 days, and 160 km per day!

I spent almost 8 months and rode more than 5000 km to train for the ride. Through the generosity of many friends and relatives and a couple of scheduled events, I was able to raise the required funds to participate in the ride, as it requires much preparation and provisions. We rode through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking parts of the country. The communities and people of this country are so generous and supportive and many of these communities have been affected by childhood cancer.

We are ambassadors for Coast to Coast and through the generosity of many communities across the country, you come to realize that we truly are making a difference. The dollars we raise has allowed for Nolan, from British Columbia, to reach his 17th birthday. It has seen Sanjeet of Manitoba have his cancer go into remission.

I initially started my ride as an individual with a goal of hoping to help in some small way. I completed the ride enriched with a “wheel family” that encouraged and supported me riding across this great country of ours with the common goal of eradicating the words that no parent wants to hear “your child has cancer”.

That is why I rode once, ride still, and will ride the National Kids Cancer Ride again. I’m not a young man but being a part of the Coast to Coast community has made me feel younger at heart, not just because of the community but also because it has been a life changing experience.

“Let’s have ice cream for breakfast” – Ambassador Jodi

Meet Josh Nelson

Meet Josh NelsonMeet Josh Nelson

I know first-hand how it feels to be a prisoner in the hospital and endure the surgeries and the endless needles and treatments. I know how it feels to lose my hair, throw up regularly and watch other kids around me earn their wings. I lost a part of my childhood that I will never get back. I know how it feels to look different and to be different. That’s something that I wouldn’t wish for any other kid to go through, and that is why I do what I do.

You’ll receive all the help you need:

  • Fundraising tips and plans
  • Fundraising support materials
  • Fundraising discussion groups
  • Social Media support
  • Marketing materials
  • Nutrition plans
  • Training plans
  • Organized training rides
  • Training tracking and review
  • Complete team cycling kit (jersey, bib short, jacket, vest, socks, gloves, off-bike jacket and t-shirts)
  • Preferred pricing on additional cycling clothing and equipment
  • Monthly rider conference calls to review progress and plans, meet fellow riders, volunteers, sponsors