Ride Overview

The National Kids Cancer Ride is one of the biggest and most ambitious charity cycling events on behalf of childhood cancer in the world. Now in it’s 10th year the 2018 event will be an emotional and inspirational adventure beginning in Vancouver on September 12 and complete in Halifax 18 memorable days later on September 29, 2018. Riding in relay style, the selected national riders will each cycle approximately 150 km and 220kms per day joined along the way by thousands of other caring cyclists who will cycle shorter, “stage ride” distances in major cities across Canada. At the start and end of each day they will participate in community events and visit many of Canada’s 17 pediatric oncology centres and hospitals where the cancer community will share inspiring stories of strength and hope with cyclists and the media. Together, our cyclists will raise millions of dollars on behalf of charities that improve the quality of life for children, and their families, living with and beyond cancer.

Don’t think you can ride the distance or raise the funds? Yes, you can!

Our destination – beyond cancer!

Funds raised will be directed to both national initiatives in support of childhood oncology programs, as well as, to local and community programs through pediatric oncology hospitals and centres. The National Ride is conducted by Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. Thanks to the many volunteers, partners and sponsors, the administration and promotion expenses are kept to a minimal to ensure that the money raised goes to fund research and support programs at every one of the pediatric oncology centres across Canada.

Introducing the Chase:

The traditional National Kids Cancer Ride format consists of 36 riders on two teams, cycling across Canada in 18 days. Beginning the journey in Vancouver, these riders will travel up to 310 kilometres in a single day, averaging 220 kilometres a day. This year, The National Ride has expanded, allowing Team Chase to complete their coast to coast journey in just 8 days. Team Chase will also begin their ride in Vancouver, cycle up to 650 kilometres each day and join the other 36 National Riders in Nova Scotia to finish the journey together, as one united team.

The Chase was born to accommodate a group of individuals who could not commit to the full 18 days yet believe so deeply in a world beyond kids cancer that they are testing themselves to achieve what some may consider unthinkable all to be part this special event. These elite cyclists have come together to embark on an incredible challenge all while raising funds for kids cancer initiatives. Team Chase has a fundraising goal of $150,000.

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Here’s what participants from previous year’s events had to say:

Each day, there are many experiences that will remind you why you’re doing this, and how it will benefit children and their families. You cannot help but be inspired. When your heart is open to the journey, the mind and body will follow.

Trevor Crystal, Toronto, ON

When I was five, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Today, I’m healthy and live a normal life. For several years, I was on hand as the national riders rode into Calgary. Their commitment inspired me to do the National Ride in 2013, and I’ll be back again in 2015. Every year, 1500 families in Canada hear the words ‘Your child has cancer’. I am doing my part to stop this. What about you?

Taylor Wheatley, Calgary, AB

As a parent whose daughter is a childhood cancer survivor, I know what these children and families are going through. I don’t need to look very far for the motivation to take on this challenge. I’m committed to making a difference in the lives of kids with cancer.

Ken Cross, Kingston, ON

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