National Kids Cancer Ride

Ride to Sick Kids

The Beav had rejoined us and we awoke once again to a blast of music. Today we had a nice breakfast that was hosted at a McDonald’s across from the mall.  After we ate we returned to the mall and were joined by some rider’s that were the extended family of a cancer victim.  Today’s ride was dedicated to Taissa who did not survive despite years of fighting.  We were joined by her mother who was a National rider. We were also joined by Trevor, multiple National rider, member of Team Velocity, and good friend. I hadn’t seen him for quite some time so we spent a good time riding side by side and catching up on recent events.

Our first hop was to Eastgate Square in Stoney Creek where we met with employees from the Sears store. They donated a bunch of stuffed animals for us to take to the McMaster children’s Hospital, which was our next stop.  At the hospital we met a number of the staff and a wonderful boy who was recovering from treatment. After a few words from his mother we covered him with the stuffed animals.

Our next stop was the Burlington Mall for lunch and here we picked up more riders. Then we made our way to Sherway Park Mall where we were joined by team one and even more riders.  The line of riders was now pretty  huge however we made quick time to Sick Kids Toronto with a police escort of about 25 motorcycles that were racing forward to block traffic.  It was a tremendous rush all the way from Etobicoke along the Lakeshore to the downtown core.  All the way we were cheered by people on the side of the road that got more intense as we got closer to downtown, although I’m sure most hadno idea what was going on.

We rolled into the Sick Kids hospital to a large crowd of about 200 people all cheering like mad.  Once we had an opportunity to relax somewhat we went inside to get refreshments and snacks while we listened to speeches by various hospital officials and our own, but the most touching and impactful was by a yoing cancer survivor that spoke about his ordeal that lasted 3 1/2 years and over 1600 treatments. It was only through some cutting edge approaches that were the result of funding such as what we were bringing in that  made this possible. Hearing stories like this certainly made the hectic schedule of the day melt away.

A short while later, after riders had a chance to say goodbye to family and friends Team 2 hit the road and went to Carlo’s place in Scarborough for showers and dinner.  It was so fabulous to be able to kick back in a home like setting again and the food that Carlo and his wife Fiona had catered in was an amazing feast.

O ce we were cleaned up and fed, it was time for a 3 hour shuttle to Cataraque Mall in Kingston where we would spend the night.

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