National Kids Cancer Ride

Please add another $50 to our donation total …

Me: “Excuse me, how long does this flight take to get to Toronto?”

Passenger sitting next to me: “John at over two hours. Didn’t you fly in?”

Me: Actually, no.

Passenger: So you came in over the land? From where?

Me: Yes. From Vancouver.

Passenger: Wow, that’s a long drive.

Me: Yes, it would have been … (yadda yadda that we rode, but more importantly about the cause).

Passenger then leans to his left, raises his right buttock (I braced myself to lose more nose hair, cos of all the time I’ve spent with Henry), but instead pulls out his wallet and plucks a fifty note “Am I too late to make a donation?”

This is a noble cause that gives others the opportunity to be noble too.

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