National Kids Cancer Ride

Paying tribute to a Canadian hero 

In the darkness of the night we found ourselves in Thunder Bay  at the Terry Fox memorial. The whole ride was shut down so that everyone could be there. To give you an idear of how important this is to the foundation this is the only time during the entire eight days that the whole operation actually comes to a stop.

The last time I was here was two years ago when I first did the Coast to Coast ride across Canada. At that time we arrived early in the morning, this time it is the middle of the night.

It was very peaceful fitting the surroundings. Terry Fox personified the best in all of us and was defined by the words strength, commitment, selflessness, courage and inspirational just to mention a few.

It is hard not to get imotional at the memorial sight. Terry represented children with cancer and was one of the first people to travel across Canada to raise funds and awareness for a cause. He is a Canadian icon and has left a legacy that continues to inspire and influence people around Canada and the world.

This is why we stopped here.

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