National Kids Cancer Ride

Orientation and Team Building

Since arriving in Vancouver, our National Kids Cancer Ride team of riders and volunteers (about 40 people in total) have been busy preparing for this epic cycling adventure. Our “caravan” includes 4 RVs, 2 cube vans, 2 passenger vans and an 18-wheeler transport truck. In addition to the 16 riders, there are drivers, medics, mechanics, cooks, photographers and event coordinators. Each has somehow juggled their lives to spend a month on the road away from their work and family obligations. The logistics of organizing and staging this travelling roadshow are staggering…the actual riding part of this carnival is the simplest aspect of the event it would appear!

The riders and volunteers hail from across the country. Many (probably most) have had their lives impacted by childhood cancer in one way or another, having lost kids or siblings to the disease, or whose loved ones are cancer survivors. Many have participated in this event multiple times and already know each other well…it is a very close-knit family and it is obvious we will be making life-long friends during the course of our journey together.

We have been doing a number of “team building” activities including a great hike yesterday afternoon to Quarry Rock overlooking Deep Cove…simply spectacular! Today involved some morning orientation sessions and an afternoon training ride to White Rock. We will be spending the next three weeks together in close quarters as we traverse the country, visiting communities, spreading awareness and raising funds.

Only two more sleeps before our departure!