National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR Day 6 – What’s worse?

Today was a shorter day than planned. We rode a total of 73 of the planned 200 km today. We had colder temperatures, dropping down to around 8 C, rain and a strong facing crosswind. We rode to our first rest break (59 km), where we met with kids at the school in Sedley SK, then shuttled and rode (14 km) to our lunch break in Fillmore SK, again meeting with the kids in the school. We called the ride there due to weather and dangerous conditions, and had a chance to be interviewed about the ride by some of the kids.

While one may think the ride was hard, because it is cold and wet, we riders know what is worse: kids having to go through chemotherapy. While one might not like that we stopped the ride and got in the RVs to shuttle, we know what is worse: kids having to go through chemotherapy and all the other treatments that are part of a cancer diagnosis. A day like today puts into perspective what we are doing and #whyweride. It is more important to be able to meet with the kids in these communities, and to spread the message than to get kilometres in on the bike. We have 12 more days of riding and spreading the message, and we will live to ride another day.

Today was a bit sad as we had to bid adieu to rider Shelley as she steps away from the NKCR for work. I know she will re-join us when we are in St. John NB, but I already miss her. Shelly was my team captain in the 2017 ride, and we have had numerous other opportunities to ride together. She is a big part of my wheel family and I love her more than bacon! We will miss you Captain Safety!

Now we are off to shuttle to dinner and our bunks, so we can rest and ride another day. Thank you for reading, and keep donating at