National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR Day 4 – Three “C’s”

Today the roads started to flatten out as we left the Rockies and moved into the prairies. We started the day with a dedication by 2019 NKCR rider Omar, for his daugher Jocelyn. Jocelyn is a cancer survivor, so this was a happier ending than others, but she still has borne the scars of diagnosis and treatment. One of the positives in this is that she has a firm idea of what she wants to do with her life, based on her experiences with those who helped her through her treatment.

As we rode today, it became apparent that my theme for today would be three “C’s”: Community, Crosswinds and Communicatiion:

Community: Probably one of the most important things we do as we ride is meet with people in various communities across the country. After leaving Lethbridge, we stopped in three towns along the way: Barnwell, Grassy Lake and Seven Persons, then on to Medicine Hat. Along the way we were met with cheers, donations and stories. It is important to us to make these connections to raise awareness and help fight childhood cancer. To me the coolest moment of the day was being met by a bunch of school kids showing us signs that they made to encourage us as we ride. We also met with friends and wheel family at pretty much every location.

I also can’t forget our incredible (and crazy) volunteers who support us along the road, and bring encouragement in some unusual forms at times 🙂

Crosswinds: Today we started out with a bit of a tailwind which made for a fairly quick couple of segments leading into lunch. The afternoon however had different plans for us, with our longest (~60km) segment having fairly inense crosswinds, making it more of a challenge to keep up the pace required to meet our schedule. This leads to my final “C”

Communication: It’s pretty incredible to see our 2019 NKCR team coming together over the last week, particularly during the four days of riding east. We are all pretty well versed in the hand signals and etiquette required to ride in a group and are focused on helping each other throughout the obstacles that face us on the road (climbs, obstacles, traffic, etc). Today gave us another challenge with the crosswinds, which require more focus to ensure that everyone can stay together, and I must say we communicated well, ensuing that the stronger riders kept others sheltered as much as possible. We were able to start the day as a team, and finish as an even more cohesive one.

All in all, it was a great day, and more donations came forward to help us with the fight against childhood cancer. YOU can still help by donating today at

Thank You!