National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR Day 2

NKCR – Sept. 7
Day 2 of 18 as we cycle across Canada – Kamloops to Sicamous, BC.

Today, we rode for Alexander (the Great), a sweet, fun, courageous little man. Each day his life brought a new adventure, a new discovery and a new smile. Unfortunately his parent’s worst nightmare came true when they were told he wouldn’t see his third birthday. Just after his second birthday, he contracted the H1N1 flu and was taken to the hospital. Afterwards, they noticed that his hand tremors hadn’t subsided and he was taken to see specialists which is when he was diagnosed with an embryonal tumor with abundant neurophil and true Rosetta’s (ETANTR). Alexander is the 36th child in the world to be diagnosed with this kind of tumor and none have survived to date. He underwent two brain surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo, stem cell transplants, radiation and multiple forms of other treatments in an attempt to save his life, but the tumor kept growing. On October 23, 2010 Alexander earned his angel wings… Today, we had Alexander in our hearts as we rode…

The Day 2 video will be posted soon…

This morning was another early start – I was up a 5:00a to start getting ready to ride.

Today, we started with a delicious breakfast at Cora’s, then we headed back to our trailers to get geared up for the day of riding. The weather has been good – temperature was about 14 degrees to start and the forecast was for the temperature to rise to the low 30’s… don’t think we got there due to the smoke blocking the sun rays, but it was still a warm day on the bike.

Today’s route went from Kamloops to Monte Lake, Resort and Campground, then on to Falklands Community Hall for a quick lunch, Enderby Visitor Centre for a final rest stop and on to Sicamous. The route included a couple of challenging climbs and a detour due to a road closure… thankfully the detour was on an awesome, paved country road, so we weren’t that concerned about the added mileage. The scenery was spectacular, the riders are performing well and we are looking for the upcoming routes.

Tomorrow, we are riding from Lake Louise, Banff, Canmore, Seebe and then wrap up at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. Definitely looking forward to the scenery along the way.

Question of the day: Where do all of the riders sleep as we make our way across Canada? Answer: the tour volunteers spend a couple of days prior to the start of the ride, building a couple of mobile bunk houses in the trailers of a transport trucks. There is storage for our bikes, gear and wooden bunk beds for each of the riders. The riders, medical team and many of the volunteers are housed within. Each sleeping area is personalized by the riders and some are quite creative. Mine is pretty plain… I hung up a rope to hang a bed sheet for a curtain to block light and mounted an LED light and a battery-powered fan to keep myself cool on hot nights. The first night in the bunk was restful and I slept very well with minimal interruptions. All in all a great way to catch some zzz’s after a long day in the saddle.








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