National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR Day 16 – Best day ever

Today was an awesome day. As my wheel sister Shelley says, “Best day ever”. One of the reasons for this is that Shelley rejoined us in Fredericton today to complete the National Ride with us. I missed having her with us from Regina to Fredericton, it just doesn’t seem to be the same NKCR without her around.

Another reason it was the best day ever is that it was a glorious day to ride. It started cold, but with brilliant sunshine. We rode 85km from Fredericton towards St John New Brunswick, but had to cut our ride short due to detours and a time crunch to get to showers and the Digby ferry ontime. My legs weren’t quite in the game today after a long ride yesterday, so I was not disappointed in missing the final kilometers of the day.

Once we finished the ride, we showered and headed to the ferry. It was beautiful to sit out with my wheel family and enjoy the ride across the Bay of Fundy. Shelley also managed to get us up to the bridge of the Ferry to meet the crew. Once done that it was a quick 2 hour shuttle to Lunenburg where we met with Fiona’s family and had an awesome dinner along with music, and friends.

The most important reason that it was the best day ever was our dedication this morning was for a survivor. Ollie was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, paedriatic liver cancer in August 2016. He went thorugh four cycles of chemotherapy and then surgery to shrink and extract the tumor. After that, another six cycles of chemotherapy. He completed treatment in February 2017. When he completed treatment, he and his sister had a party that they called the “No Cancer Dance”. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that.

In short, Best. Day. Ever.

Two more days remain in the 2019 NKCR. Tomorrow we ride from Lunenburg to Lower Sackville and it looks to be another glorious day. Then Saturday we are on to Peggy’s Cove and IWK before we wheel dip in the Atlantic at Point Pleasant Park. I look forward to fun times but I’m already getting a little sad that this will soon be over.