National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR Day 13 – Speed

One of the amazing thing about the National Kids Cancer Ride is the speed at which it goes by. We just got started, and already there are only 5 days remaining. It seems like yesterday that we were in Langley BC getting together as a team for the first time, meeting each other and learning about our individual stories.

A short time later, we were at the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay, the midpoint of our journey.

And just yesterday, we rode from McMaster to Sick Kids, where we had the speed at which friends and family joined and left us as we had to move on was both exciting and more than a little sad.

Today we rode from Kingston to Inglewood. The ride was quick, covering over 170 Km in just a little over 5 and a half hours (moving) at a speed over 30 kph. Though the wind was in our face a bit, it was light, and the sun and warm conditions more than made up for it. Today we had three dedications, Camden, Grant and Jessica.

We learned of speed through these dedications, the speed of a mother’s love and worry, racing home to be with a daughter who was confused and scared as Jessica was diagnosed with metastasizing melanoma, the speed at which a child can be taken, with Camden succumbing to enbryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in less than a year, and the speed at which remission can happen and sadly the speed at which hopes can be dashed in Grant’s story of his battle with ALL and later AML.

Yesterday we learned from doctors at McMaster and Sick Kids about the good news, the rate of research and successful treatment is accelerating. And that’s a great thing, but as my friend and wheel daughter Taylor, herself a cancer survivor says, for a child with cancer, the odds are not 80 percent,  its either 100 or 0—you either make it or you don’t. And that’s the reality of childhood cancer.

Your donations matter. Although this year’s ride will end within a few short days, our journey to a cure needs to move quicker, so we can one day no longer have to hear the words “your child has cancer”. And so we are speeding along to our next starting point in Quebec City, to keep the story moving forward.

Thank you as always.