National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR Day 13 of 18

NKCR Day 13 – Sept. 18
Newcastle to Belleville

This morning we woke up in Bowmanville to the smells of our volunteer team making breakfast in the parking lot for us once again. They are such a great group!! We definitely could not do this ride without them and as I have said before, the riding is the easy part when you have a team of amazing volunteers that are supporting you.

This morning our wheel friend Colin Davidson arrived before breakfast with his kids and new puppy (Angus) – everyone loves a puppy and a lot of the riders were gathering for some puppy love before breakfast. Always good to see you Colin….

After a delicious breakfast, the riders were loaded back on to the RV’s for a quick shuttle to Newcastle for the start of our ride, where some friends and relatives joined the riders for the morning dedication.

Today we rode for Katie, a typical 15 year old girl in her first year of high school. In the spring of 2010 she began to complain of knee pain. It came and went and since she had just finished basketball and volleyball season didn’t think much of it. Finally she went to see a doctor who sent her for an X-ray and MRI thinking it maybe cartilage damage.

The initial X-ray showed something suspicious and another one was ordered indicating something was seriously wrong and she was sent to Mount Sinai Hospital to a special Sarcoma unit. On June 7, 2010 she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – the same cancer as Terry fox.

After 4 months of treatment it was clear conventional chemo was not working and she was sent to Sick Kids. In January 2011 Katie and her family were told there was nothing more they could do for her, yet she lived everyday to its fullest and even had an early sweet 16 birthday party.

On February 10, 2011 just 8 months after her diagnoses and 6 weeks before her 16th birthday Katie passed away at Sick Kids surrounded by family and friends.

Today’s route was along the shoreline of Lake Ontario and the route was spectacular! As the temperatures soared, the riders were contemplating a quick dip to cool off, but our schedule is pretty tight, so we had to settle with water bottle splashes along the route. The riders did what they could to stay cool, but I succumb to the heat once again… after about 75km, my body temperature was up, my legs felt like lumps of concrete and I was struggling to stay with the group that was riding around 30km/h on the flats… I pulled myself off the road for one section to cool down and hopefully return after the next rest stop.

Rule #20
There are only 3 remedies for pain
1. If your quads start to burn, shift forward to use your hamstrings and calves, or
2. If your calves or hamstrings start to burn, shift back to use your quads, or
3. If you feel wimpy and weak, meditate on Rule #5 and train more!

Thankfully, I followed number 3 and managed to join the team for the remainder of the ride to the Sears distribution centre in Belleville. We had a police escort for the last 30km and really enjoyed the rolling hills and one awesome downhill section. As we rode into the Sears DC, we once again had great reception.

After a nice shower and dinner, the staff of the Sears DC, presented us with a cheque for $10,000 and after some brief presentations, we were back on the RV’s for a long shuttle to Montreal for the night.

Tomorrow we are riding through Maskinonge, Trois Rivieres, Ste. Anne de la Perade, Port Neuf Quay, visiting one of our sponsors: Louis Garneau factory and will shuttle to Edmunston for the start of our New Brunswick leg of the tour… Atlantic Canada – here we come!

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