National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR – Day 12 and 13

DAY 12  – McMaster Childrens Hospital to Toronto Sick Kids.

We rode from the overnight stay location at Hamilton Yacht club to McMaster Childrens Hospital.

So great to see Lisa after missing her since our stop near Abbotsford BC.  Her and Sandra made the trek down from Huntsville.  They followed our path from Hamilton to Toronto and met us at each of the stops along the way. I thought humber college was their last stop with us and was so happy to see Lisa again at Sick Kids. Being at sick kids brought back some memories for both of us. We made several day trips and spent 4 consecutive days there when our son Daniel  had surgery on his leg. It was at that time in the hospital that I was first  exposed to children with cancer. I remember the feelings of sadness and how fortunate we were that our sons bone issue was not cancerous.

It was also great to see Anne and Gerry at the Humber College stop. So nice of them to come all the way down from Huntsville to see Paul and I.

Its amazing  to see how courages the young cancer survivors are that we have met along the way. It definately has inspired me along the way to hear their stories and to know how much they appreiciate what we are doing.  Today we met two more. They both spoke so well in front of large groups of people.

The ride took us through some great backroads from Hamilton to Bronte village.  Mother nature didnt let up on the rain!  Scattered rain throughout the day and we were pretty drenched and cold by the time we got to sick kids. Still one of the coolest experiences on this ride (of which I have experienced twice before) is the police escorted ride from etobicoke to sick kids.  Always a large group of cheering people as we turn into sick kids as well.

Day 13 – Kingston to Ingleside

Morning dedication brought tears all around. Its was jens daughter Jessica’s birthday and she would have been 33 today. Today we also rode for Grant and Camden.

Our ride took us along the shores of the St. Lawrence from Kingston to Ingleside. Beautiful roads and Sunshine – Finally! made for a great 172 km ride. We made a stop at the hospital in Kingston and had a tour of the facilities available for children’s cancer patients .

We met Dr. Stacey’s mom at several stops along the way. She made us a delicious turkey dinner and  desserts  for our shower and dinner stop in Cornwall.

Looking forward to riding through quebec tomorrow