National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Team building and Training Day!

After all the other riders trickled in Sunday, we went on a group hike to Quarry Park… to help stimulate some discussion on the RV Ride there and help people get to know each other, we played a game where we each had a famous persons name on our back for which we couldn’t see, but everyone else could.  We had to ask a series of “Yes/No” questions until we guessed correctly… I was “Clara Hughes”… an inspiration in speed skating and cycling, and a champion supporter for mental health…. I could picture who it was, but for the life of me couldn’t remember the name!  After a series of hits, I was able to finally lock it down.

Fellow rider Angie Roth captured a cool GoPro session that I shared yesterday on Facebook, but here it is!

Today (Monday) was our first training ride as a group.. the weather was beautiful and the team did a great job sticking together and riding through Labor Day traffic… you could tell everyone was itching to get on their bikes and hit the road… Wild horses sniffing the air, clawing at the ground waiting for the gate to open!

The link below shows our ride and a few pictures (with more pictures to follow!)

As we rode, we encountered a number of folk awestruck by the group of jersey matching cyclists and we spread the word of what we were doing and why.

Riders in our group who would get donations while riding would ring their bells, and we could all give a cheer!

Just because we are riding doesn’t mean we are done raising awareness and funds, so if you haven’t already please consider donating or spreading the word!  We would love your support, and I’d love to ring my bell with the others. 🙂

Tomorrow we will ride out to the BC Children’s hospital, and the show will hit the road on Wednesday the 4th!

Take care, and thanks for reading!