National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 8 – Kenora to Fort Frances

The morning started off with a dedication to Amara, who we met yesterday at the Manitoba Cancer Centre and then we headed out on the road.

The quality of the roads was amazing, and the weather was overcast, a bit chilly, zero rain (amen!!!), and fortunately we were sheltered from the wind until the last 40km.  Overall it was a welcome relief from the pounding we’ve taken over the last few days.

With this break in the weather, we hammered out hard… so hard we were over and hour ahead of schedule to finish up at Tess’s house… a family that has been supporting the riders since 2012 by welcoming us in and feeding us… now by “feeding” I’m talking about stuffing us so full that your typical Thanksgiving dinner would be an appetizer!  The riding and emotional roller coaster was catching up with us, so this meal hit the spot and left us stumbling out the door in a food induced coma.

The scenery during the ride was quite lovely, and I would like to return someday when the sun is shining to do it justice.

Overall the ride for me was pretty good… my legs were still pretty sore and I struggled on the hills a bit… partly to do with forgetting the strength to my riding isn’t to spin around like a gerbil on a wheel but to lower my cadence and power through my stroke… a fellow rider took the time to notice and guide me through (Thanks Kevin!), and a welcome push on the back from Frank to help close the gap from time to time.  It was a good teamwork kinda day.

That’s it for today… need to pass out and catch up on the zzzzzzz.

Thanks for reading and your support!