National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 7 – Glenboro to Winnipeg

It was an emotional start to the day…

Angie Roth (the National Rider who puts together the awesome GoPro videos) performed a dedication for Sarah whom she had developed a strong bond with as teacher and friend during her treatment.  It is because of Sarah that Angie is riding, and today is the anniversary for Sarah receiving her Angel wings.  Sarah was into craftwork, and made a stunning bead necklace that Angie bequeathed to my daughter Jocelyn for which I humbly and tearfully received, and will give to her in Halifax.  I know that Jocelyn will cherish it.

The second dedication was done by Lynn Fast for Ty, and today was also the anniversary of him receiving his Angel wings.  I had first heard about Ty at the ‘Tour for Kids Alberta’ 2017 event… Ty’s mother Anne shared his story with such passion, and it is will be forever seared in my memory.  As Lynn read the dedication, it wasn’t her voice that I was hearing but Anne’s, and her determination to honour Ty’s memory that day.  I have a number of photos taped to my bicycle for inspiration on my NKCR journey, and Ty is the first one I asked permission for as to honour him and Anne.

The ride itself was difficult with the high winds, but we were fortunate that the rain had subsided to more of an annoyance that a deterrent.  The team did amazing and pulled hard, and at the 120km I was hitting my limit… Anne:  what I’m about to say is not some BS for a blog and I want you to know this… Ty was my inspiration today, and there was no way I was going to tarnish his Angel wing day by throwing in the towel and stopping… thank you for this.

We stopped at a school, and I was stunned to see the enthusiasm for which they greeted us… waiting for us outside, all lined up giving us high-fives while we rode our bikes past.  Grant it, it could be because they got to miss part of math class or something along those lines but I truly believe it was genuine 🙂

At the end of our ride, we shuttled to the Manitoba Cancer Care facility to listen to the story of Amara… a teenager who’s life now hangs in the balance like so many others.

I’m tired, but looking forward to the next leg our our journey. Hoping for more favourable weather, but that is not for us to decide.  All we can do is go one pedal stroke at a time, and find the strength to keep cranking it.

Thanks for reading and your support!