National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 2 – Vernon to Revelstoke

As we rolled into Vernon last night, it was evident that getting the subtleties of the event “machine” to run smoothly was still working out the kinks… they can try to prepare you with what to pack, were to put it, etc but until you land feet first into the mix you will scramble… and that’s ok and expected.  

There are a large number of people who are new to the event… riders, volunteers (all aspects… photography, medics, RV drivers, etc) and they are all in the same boat… they are scrambling to figure things out… sometimes they are missing information they may need to deal with a situation because someone else was scrambling, things are thrust upon them because “stuff” happens, laundry bags break, GPS devices don’t work… you name it, it can happen.  Everyone has a role to play, and everyone of us is scared to one degree or another… I have no problem riding on the road and having a semi-trailer scream by me with 6 inches to spare (ok…maybe not “actually” 6 inches but it feels that way, and my wife knows better anyway)… but for me to drive an RV or Penske around in the middle of the night, with the lives of strangers, in a part of the country I’m not familiar with would scare the bejesus out of me… just like riding a bike on the shoulder of a highway scares others, or making a mistake that can take down the Peloton.

The dust will settle, the machine will roll as it has, and everyone will rise to the challenge as a team… every single person in this event has one thing in common… “a heart of gold”… why else would you volunteer or ride if not to support a cause larger than yourself?  Why would you place yourself under such stress?  Because-you-Care!  The blending of personalities, experience, and emotions can lead to many outcomes but it is the cause that binds us together to where we need to be.  As we wind down Day 2 I can tell things are beginning to gel… now it’s up to me to get my bags and stuff organized properly for goodness sake!

The ride from Vernon to Revelstoke was spectacular and the day was smoking hot and sunny.  

Rich Meesters performed the morning dedication in honour of Taissa, with her mother Ulana on the phone via FaceTime to join the circle.  I don’t personally know Ulana, but she has participated as a National Rider in the past and has been an inspiration to a number of the riders….it’s amazing how technology can be used for the powers of good.

Once again, spirits were high and we screamed down a hill leading to our first rest stop in Enderby.  I was at the front of the group and I must admit I was feeling pretty guilty for getting the front seat view with a stupid grin on my face…It took every ounce of restraint to not let loose and go full tilt down that hill… probably not knowing the road is what kept me in check!

We were greeted by the mother of our team captain Paul Stevens, and she rallied the town to get us food and drinks we desperately needed to recover and ride on… the pride she radiated for her little boy was quite apparent 🙂

The remainder of the ride was just as it began… spectacular!  An amazing dinner and view in Revelstoke was appreciated by all, and we now shuttle to Lake Louise for our eventual arrival in Calgary where I’m eagerly awaiting a hug and kiss from from my wife and daughter.

Thanks for reading and your support!