National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 16 – Fredericton to Digsby

It was a brisk morning that started off with a dedication to Oliver who was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma (paediatric liver cancer) at the age of a year and a half… he underwent immediate chemo treatments to shrink the tumour, and following surgery received more chemotherapy to destroy the remaining cancer cells. He is a survivor, and that is a great way to start the day.

We received a police escort out of the city, and praised be because it would have been a nightmare to get out through the construction zone… it was about 4km of scraped pavement sending shockwaves through the bike-to our butts-to our hands-and to our teeth… next time I’m packing a mouth guard as the dentist will be happy to see me!

They day warmed up as we rode… mixed road conditions led to a number of detours and steep hill climbs to extend our route by about 17km…so by the time we hit 85km we needed to pack it in to shower and get on the ferry… Good call as if we had rode any longer we would have missed it.

The ferry ride was peaceful, and had the opportunity to chit-chat or reflect internally… we also got to hang out on the bridge for awhile and see how things operate… I was chatting with a nice elderly couple and explained who we were and what we were doing… received my first cash donation of $50… Not bad!

When we landed, we shuttled to dinner in Lunenburg where we were greeted by Fiona Steele’s family, the Lions club, and a three piece band… great food, great music, and a great way to finish the day before we hit the road tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and the support!