National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 14 – Levi to Rivière de Loup

The morning was overcast and chilly with the wind, but fortunately there was no rain so I’ll consider that a win.

Today we rode for Sahara, an 8 year old girl who was diagnosed with an “Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor” a rare form of ovarian cancer requiring rounds of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor for surgical removal which was to occur this past August.  We don’t have an update at this point, but we rode knowing that the cure rates are high for this type of cancer.

Despite the wind I really enjoyed the ride, and in my opinion we dealt with much worse… we were supposed to do 189km’ish but delays with lunch set us back and by that point we were out of time so we just did another 30km and shuttled up to keep on schedule.

It was a scenic ride through some small Quebec towns along the St. Lawerence… I would have enjoyed pulling over periodically to take pictures of the buildings and churches, but aside from an impromptu bio-break to sneak in a picture with the #CHEO ROCK you just need to soak it into your memory… if I undergo this type of journey again, I’ll be hinting at getting a GoPro for Father’s Day 🙂

Texting with my wife the night before she had asked how do I do it?  I know that there was more to the question, but like the smart ass that I am I replied “padded shorts, bag balm, and Vagisil”…. yes vagisil… who would have thought that it would take a trip like this to get me in touch with my feminine side although I draw the line at tampons, especially the non-wing kind… for my non-cycling friends padded shorts are as they sound… something to give cushion between your tooshie and the seat with minimal seams that act like a cheese grater… Bag Balm is an agricultural product probably similar to a medicated Vaseline that you slather on your butt/padded shorts to help things “glide around and not chafe”… originally used on cows to soften things up ”down there” yet somehow someone had the inspiration to slap it on a cyclist’s ass… was that discovered after a round of drinking or did someone lose a bet?

Ultimately the vagisil is just an anti-itch ointment it’s a trick passed on through the alumni to help ‘ease’ things down there before/during/after rides… there are other tips and tricks that people use like “monkey butt powder” but I’ll leave it at that 🙂

A shorter shuttle for tonight, but we are aiming for. 168km to 197km ride tomorrow so we’ll see how things go.

Thanks for reading and your support!