National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 11 – Blind River to Owen Sound

This mornings dedication was about a teenage boy named Justin who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia prior to entering his last year of high school.  He is a musician at heart, and was able to channel the anguish of his treatments into music with the help of a music therapy specialist.  Justin is a survivor, and the programs that Coast to Coast help fund such as music therapy can make all the difference .  This is why we ride…

The days forecast was a good one… people commented that it was going to be sunny, 14 degrees, and westerly winds to propel us along our way… we set out, and within 15 minutes realized that the forecast didn’t mean diddly squat… our first leg of the journey was rainy, but we had the winds so we made great time but got soaked… the second leg of the journey was dry, but the winds were harsh and we were freezing cold from being wet, and the final leg the winds were just plain brutal… but we rode, and we finished a touch shy of our goal so we had to shuttle to make sure we arrived in time for the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry.  A rough day for us is still better than a good day of a child going through treatment…

As we arrived at the Ferry…it was windy but the glorious sun shone through and gave us a reprieve.  It was nice to rest, soak in some rays to warm our bones.  Tomorrow is a very big day… not so much for the distance, but for the ambassador role we will fulfill at the Hamilton McMaster and Toronto Sick Kids Hospital…Good weather would go a long way to aid us in that mission.

We have a long shuttle ahead of us tonight, but will be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Thanks for reading and your support!