National Kids Cancer Ride

NKCR 2019 – Day 10 – Marathon to Wawa…to Wawa???

Leading into today there was a strong indication based on the forecast that we may not ride at all… we gathered up our gear and loaded up in the RV to seek refuge at a hotel down the road so we could take over the eating area and have breakfast.

Initially the hotel was going to charge us $5 a head to setup shop and use washrooms, but once they realized who we were and what we were riding for they quickly waved any charges… another fine example of the generosity, caring, and support we have been shown while coming across the country.

Alumni riders and RV mates Mike and Lynn said this isn’t the first time this leg of the journey was shut down or postponed due to rain…

There is a part of you that is disappointed, and another part that welcomes the rest… we are here for a purpose bigger than riding, but I felt some regret at having an off the bike day.  Shuttling isn’t the same as riding, but it’s nice to take the time to chat with the RV mates and drivers while glancing out the window looking at the conditions and traffic thinking that the right call was made.

We still have a schedule to keep, so we hit our lunch stop and did our dedication to Caleb… a superhero in a little boy’s body who soared into the heavens on angels wings.  The dedication was emotional, and BC Bob did an amazing job of delivering it through the tears… but without the ride, some aspect of closure was missing.

We had a little fun with a “virtual” ride on chairs… running through the paces of our Peloton… before leaving, there was talk of hitting the road in Wawa as the weather seemed to be easing off a bit.

We had a few stops along the way, and geared up for that ride in Wawa… it was a BLAST!  It was raining a touch, reasonable wind, the road was smooth, and the scenery was gorgeous… we only did 30km, but it lifted our spirits and a few people cut loose like little kids and sprinted down the roads.

When we got back we had a group huddle and Team Captain Paul and Frank talked… the message was that the ride was fun, exciting, and something that a little boy named Caleb would love… he was with us in spirit, and after a re-dedication we affirmed that “We RODE for Caleb” and felt a sense of closure for the day.

Thanks for reading and your support!