National Kids Cancer Ride

Morning sunrise in Saskatchewan ( Part Deux.)

For me it was the start of a second three hour ride of the 9 hour shift that I do with my partner Dr. Will. He is a great guy to be with for 9 hour stretches. We talk, we laugh, we tell jokes make up names for ourselves, worry about our riders, tend to their every need and think about things to make their rides interesting and less boring, especially here in Saskatchewan, at night, in the cold! At times we sit silent and just reflect and watch the riders in front of us.

Will is new to Canada and has never seen these parts and was excited to see a sunrise on the horizon and today he was to get his reward.

Our riders were Swinny, a strong powerful quiet rider with massive pulling capacity. The type of guy that just gets it done. Robert is more sprinter shaped, easy going, and speed is not a problem, he can dig deep and bring it on with the best of them. Our third rider, an old school high brow Englishman, constantly spewing proverbs, poems, citations, nonsense and the occasional deep routed emotional deliverance with elocution and conviction. But mostly non-sense which keeps us in tears of laughter.

Will was not disappointed, the sun came up, we did a short but emotional dedication, and we recorded moments not to be soon forgot.

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