National Kids Cancer Ride

Morning briefing

Up and at it pretty early… mainly due to the time change. Kudos to RTD for stopping me from hopping into the shower at 4am!

The briefing this morning started with an intro section. Jeff led off with his story, and though I’ve heard it many times before, it never gets old and always inspires.

One by one, the riders and volunteers introduced themselves and capped off with why they are doing this crazy event and what they hope to achieve.

There were a number of tears for sure. I heard many inspiring and heartwarming stories, and one volunteer shared a story that shocked me to the core. The session was a great start to bond this 19 person family.

Next up was Ron to walk people through the most important thing on the ride: safety. We are in great hands with Ron at the helm. The logistics of this ride are a bit mind boggling.

We closed off with some notes on health and wellness from Connie, our RN and some of the finer details of the ride.

Throughout the day we will continue to refine different aspects of the ride. I can’t wait….

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