National Kids Cancer Ride

Less than a week and the Chase begins…Excitement and Thankfulness Mount

The anticipation and magnitude of the Chase and the enormity of the challenge of getting across our great country with 8 other great people in 8 days is truly setting in.  The excitement level is high, thankfulness tank full and the reason where are doing it remains crystal clear.  No kids deserves cancer.

With the “regular” National Kids Cancer Ride (NKCR) kicking off earlier this week, on Tuesday Sept 6, my emotions get high as my social media fills up with posts from these great humans. Many are returning members and other new NKCR family members but make no mistake it truly is a family.  Now 2 days into their 17 day journey, I have seen countless photos, read many stories and perhaps even teared up a few times.  It truly is a life changing event they are embarking on, an event that has proven to make a difference in the lives of children living with an beyond cancer.  An event I am proud to take part in yet again.

Thankfulness, I have plenty.  Thank you to the Foundation for making this possible, thank you to those that have support my fundraising efforts, those that have been training partners, those that have given many words of encouragement and to everyone for choosing to help make a difference for childhood cancer.  Thank you for making this ride possible and giving me the opportunity to tackle it one more time.

Stay tuned, stay invested.  I will try to blog throughout the journey where and when able.

Pedaling with purpose






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