National Kids Cancer Ride

Leg #7… a night ride worthy of a Viking

I finished my first nine hour break earlier today, and to be honest, it seemed a little long. However, I’m sure it did my body good. My legs have felt great so far – mostly because of the way we’ve (I’ve) been riding within my lactate threshold. Sleep hasn’t seemed to be too bad so far, but I’m sure that will catch up to me eventually.

I really feel for the volunteers – I can’t say enough (but will try) about how amazing they are. I talked about Robert, the voice of race radio and ace photographer, but I didn’t say much about his partner, Will. Will is a doctor from Ecuador who is trying to write his residency exam in Canada. As part of that effort, he started to get involved in donating his time and expertise to charity events, including this year’s Tour for Kids. That’s how he eventually got sucked into the vortex of becoming a Chase volunteer!

Will has come by periodically doing a cursory check of our pulse information, skin temperature and circulation and pupils. He saw immediately, for example, that RTD was dehydrated earlier today, by an examination of his eyes….very cool. I’m kind of hoping he sees something in my eyes that calls for an immediate dose of Hawaiian pizza….

I did request some Ecuadorean music earlier today, but the sound over race radio didn’t come in too well… I was actually hoping for a live solo acoustic version, but I still love you Will.

Back to leg 7, it was great to ride for the first time with Erik the Viking – a strong but silent Dane that has been an absolutely stellar teammate. The conditions again were not in our favour…. we continued to fight the head winds, throwing in an hour of cold rain at 4 degrees tonight. Still, Mike, Erik and I battled through it and were rewarded with four inches of hot water in a blue bucket and a wash cloth to “shower” with when we got back…lol.

Actually, Sharon’s toasted, cheddar and bacon bagel served with a smile was reward enough for our hard work.

Back in 3….

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