National Kids Cancer Ride

Leg 19 (20 and 21): Final push to Sackville

After my freezing cold morning shift, I hit the upper bunk hard with Mike and we were asleep within minutes. The cold weather has a debilitating effect on your energy when you’re pushing hard on the bike. I was out very deeply.

We were awoken to a call for lunch! We emerged from the RV and found that we’d arrived at a seaside restaurant with a fantastic beach view. This is the maritime setting I was hoping to see. We sat down and ordered deep fried fish and clams that came with greasy fries and coleslaw….so good.

RTD, Henry and Swinny apparently rode with Jeff on the second maritime leg and his energy was very high. Having lunch together was awesome. We’ve had very few moments to take a breath on this adventure as a team, yet we’d become so close.

We decided we were going to finish as a team. We had 180km left to get to Sackville and meet up with teams 1 and 2. Lawrence joined our eight, which meant 9 (always 9) riders would finish together. The ride was great. I drugged myself up and didn’t feel my Achilles much at all for the first 4 hours or so. It was really fun to ride two up together, as we’d spent so much time over the past 8 days riding three men, single file. The wind was of course, headwind, but the temperature ranged from 15 to 22 degrees. The scenery was beautiful – very much what I had expected for maritime countryside.

At around 7:30, it was getting very dark and a little sketchy arriving into Sackville – luckily he support car had the lights we needed, and we soon came upon the RV who had our amazing volunteers equipping us with reflective vests and more.

We arrived at the team restaurant just after 8pm. Teams one and two and all of their volunteers (close to 70 people!) were just finishing up dinner, and they gave us a big cheer when we rolled into the place. However, it was us that owed them a big congratulations.

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