National Kids Cancer Ride

Leg 18: Morning in Nova Scotia

Jeff, Mike and I were woken up somewhere in Moncton, NB after a late night decision to shuttle us forward so that we could meet our self imposed deadline of meeting up with the National team riders in Lower Sackville Friday evening. Although we’ve bonded as a team and family… a bond I had not imagined could form so strongly in such a short time, it’s very important that we come together with the National riders. This ride is about kids cancer, not about us.

The weather was… you guessed it – cold with a slight headwind. We started out on the Trans Canada in NB, which was fantastic – a nicely paved shoulder about six feet wide. Eventually the sun started lighting up the sky and we came to a long hill. At the top of the hill, we looked down over an expansive valley and all we could see were tufts of trees poking out above a giant sea of fog. It was beautiful.

At that moment, Connie began to read today’s dedication. Today was all about Brent’s daughter, Katie. The dedication was very emotional and we rode in silence for some time after that, thinking of Katie and her family, and Brent – one of our family members.


Eventually we reached the border of the last province on our ride – Nova Scotia. Getting off the highway, we moved on to quieter, local roads. The fog was thick and we took it slowly. It was nice.

When we reached 75km, we met up with our vehicles. We had some well deserved chocolate and switched riders. Jeff stayed on as he was thinking of riding the last 280km. Before they left, we gathered the entire 19 person team and had Connie reread the dedication to sweet Katie. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and we gave Brent a massive group hug. What a way to end this leg of the ride.

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