National Kids Cancer Ride

Leg 17: Born to Ride

Jeff, RTD and I started around 5:30am this morning to a stiff wind – what’s new! I can’t believe we’ve had a week straight of headwinds…is that getting repetitive? However, it was pretty nice – maybe 11 degrees. We were on the eastern outskirts of Montreal, and some of the terrain we went through at the beginning reminded me of driving around Southern France – picturesque villages and farms nestled around rivers with curving narrow roads lined with trees. The sun was coming up and the sunrise seemed to last for an hour this morning – golds, purples, deep reds, yellows.

We were pushing a nice steady pace, eventually moving to more open, straighter roads that alternated between farm country and small towns. The towns were cute, though windy… lol!

After about 50km, we stopped for a bio break, where Rob then Jeff did some impromptu yoga moves. Jeff sounded a little greener than Rob, as sounds he was making were like, we joked, he was touching parts of his body that hadn’t been touched in a long time.

Some of the night ride moments we’ve had this week have reminded me of speeding home from work, washing dishes at Courthouse Cuisine in grade nine, on my ten speed. At night it feels like you can fly. Then during the day, it reminds me of hammering to school on my bike, taking all the shortcuts through parks and lane ways. I’m not sure why I stopped riding after high school…. I’ve always loved it. But I’m glad I found the sport again in 2004.

Around 7:30 am, we rolled up to a town called Trois Riviers, or as I liked to call it…. Three Rivers! I was born here, and though I didn’t live here very long (we moved closer to Montreal to a town called Beaconsfield before escaping Quebec), it was very cool to have this full circle moment with my cycling brothers this morning.

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