National Kids Cancer Ride

Leg 16: Boulevard of frogs

Henry, Moreland and I entered Quebec but that’s not what the title of the blog refers to…

We got out of the RV a half hour before the guys would arrive and discovered it was still summer here! We were 10km North of downtown Ottawa and it was about 17 degrees and calm. Perfect.

We set a really nice tempo of around 33km/h. It was great just getting a chance to spin the legs with a bit of power and not have the wind beat us back. Ottawa was still busy at this time of night, but the roads were pretty good. We passed within 500 meters of the parliament buildings – beautifully lit up at night.

We crossed the bridge into hull, then sped along the St Lawrence towards Montreal which was still 150km away. At one point, I was at the front and notice hundreds of frogs lying in our path in various states of dismemberment. The one that were alive kept jumping at my bike – I managed to kill a few, much to the chagrin of my steed.

We finished our leg with a massive pull by Moreland. He was feeling great and we were flying.

Back in 6….

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