National Kids Cancer Ride

Leg 15: Relaxed and bumpy

Henry, Morland and I had a funny, weird, interesting ride last night. We left just after 11:30pm from just north of the Sault.

It was a pretty relaxed, chatty beginning of the ride… trivia going back and forth from Robert on race radio, banter between the three of us, just generally having fun. Partly it was because the route was a little twisty and turny through the Sault but mostly it just felt right.

We did see some rough customers walking home in a not so straight line late at night, but mostly we skimmed the small city.

The temperatures were great… unexpectantly warm while the wind was calm (a calm head wind of course).

To avoid this section of hwy 17, we went on a parallel road, which ended up being a bit of a disaster. Quite quickly we were climbing and descending on loose, small granular gravel roads. David skidded out twice and got a little spooked, and we were a little freaked out at the potential of a running into an animal crossing the road while we were descending.

Eventually, we called an audible and told Robert that we were heading down to the highway. It seemed like the safest choice and by then is was last 2am.

We got to the RV within twenty minutes. The highway seemed safe at the time, but Jeff has expressed some doubts about the safety of it come daylight. We may make the decision to shuttle forward and avoid the bad parts of the road.

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