National Kids Cancer Ride

Last Day Decision

What an incredible week with one of the finest team of people I have ever worked with.  However, with some mechanical issues, with headwinds  across the country, and with some unforeseen road construction the team found itself with a decision.  The current pace was going to have us miss the full national team reunion tonight and potentially the start of Saturday mornings celebratory tour to Perry’s Cove followed by wheel dip later that day in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

Faced with this the team all agreed the best decision was to shuttle forward to Moncton to ride the last 300km and meet up on time with the rest of the National Kids Cancer tour that began in Vancouver a week or so before us.  

We look forward to seeing everyone when we get in tonight and excited to ride in as a team today.  Thanks to all for the incredible words of support and encouragement over the past week.

Feel the Love!

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