National Kids Cancer Ride

Hope to Sicamouse

Wow what a beautiful country.  Early start today.  Although its officially Day 2, It was our 4th Day of riding.  We rolled into Hope last night and if you didn’t know Rambo First Blood was filmed here.  The scenery is outstanding.  Although smokey we could make out the mountains and truthfully we were thankful for the haze blocking the heat of the Sun.  It is HOT but I am not complaining.  In years past Kelly was fully suited in rain gear and cold clothing.  Today was our longest ride to date 167 km with a slight detour (road closure) we are assuming due to fires ?  Regardless the detour was beautiful with some sweet newly laid pavement.  Another first for me to be past by logging trucks on the transCanada.  Some nice rollers and climbs.  Starting to feel it a bit but absolutely nothing to complain about.  The team is getting stronger by the day and really starting to gel.  Tomorrow is a big day for us.  Calgary Family can’t wait!!!!!


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