National Kids Cancer Ride

Gentlemen, Thank you!

As this adventure comes to an end, I have a few moments to reflect on what has happened here this past week. I have witnessed amazing men, do great feats, with humbleness and humility and throughout it all without ever letting the smile disappear from their faces.  I want to thank each of them for letting me push their comfort zones, getting the lens in their faces, and asking them to move this way, stand that way, pedal harder, turn the direction I tell them over the walkie.

This small but powerful army consists of Jeff Ruston, who passes energy to others via osmosis. He will captivate you and bring you into and make you a believer. Founder and passionate volunteer, his beliefs and vision become yours.

Craig Tyndall; we call him the snowplough from the following van. No matter what he faces, steep hills strong head winds, cold rainy days, bad roads, the big man just keeps ploughing through never losing his great humor.

Happy Henry Vandenhoogen; always a smile even when sprinting leaving others in the dust. Few men can bend bottom brackets like this guy.

Mike “all business” Britten; Pain, what pain? Never give up attitude and work through it to keep going; eat, bike, sleep, repeat!

Roberet Tracogna AKA, RTD; Rob_the_dentist, anyone remember when Scooby-doo devoured a Scooby snack? Well with this man, feed him a sour key, hold his beer and stand back; Hurricane Rob, a force to be reckoned with the smallest of the men but with a heart the size of a horse.

Eric ‘The Viking’ Jensen; A Great Dane as graceful and elegant off the bike as he is on it. A true descender, European trained and it shows.

Dave ‘Swinny’ Swindells a male model that took up cycling, quiet, powerful, confident, line up behind him and he will take you home without a word of compliant.

And finally, Mr David ‘Wikipedia’ Morland; If Google doesn’t have the answer, David does. No one person has done more to keep the troops entertained and in high spirits then this British gentleman rider.  The Donkey to my Shrek, but a class act all the same.

I thank you all for being so patient with me while I practice my art.

I congratulate you on your efforts.

I admire your comradery and spirit.

I thank you for the children and their families.

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