National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 8: the start of our second week already!

For the past 2 days we’ve been riding across the prairies. What a different set of challenges: wind, obviously, heat, rough road, and long hours in the same position on the bike saddle. All of these put stresses on the entire group that are all part of the challenge of this ride. Dealing with your own version of hell within a group is a huge challenge. Some of us travel inward and set a cadence and pound away at it. Some of us immediately look to others for help. Some of us look outward to blame others.

Knowing there are people out there, who are also struggling, gives us permission to call out when we need support. “Gapping!” Is a word that cyclists use. What’s the word for kids with cancer? Or their parents? Or their siblings.

At the moment when the group began to fracture, we got a very powerful reminder from a post hat that Fiona Steele, a rider on Team 1, and the mother of a boy taken by cancer.

I suggest everyone read it just to remind yourself of how fortunate you are. The post was read to us by our teammate, Bruce Crooks, who happened to be Simon’s doctor, and he read it to us and then sobbed with pain. Perspective.

We all have our reasons to ride. Some for adventure, some for a purpose. Some to dry our tears in the wind.

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