Day 8 - Kenora to Atikokan

Day 8 – Kenora to Atikokan

Day 8 ride took us southeast from Sioux Narrows to Fort Francis. A cool day with easterly winds again. But yeah – no more flat roads. Sone awesome rolling hills and smooth surfaces made for a fun day of riding. A faster ride with an average of 29.8.

Our dinner in Fort Francis was sponsored By Tessa – also known as Tessa’s kitchen. Tessa has been providing the meal for NKCR in Fort Francis since 2012. Thanks so much Tessa for welcoming us into your home and for the amazing meal.

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Dedicated to our FANTASTIC Volunteers!

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It is faith we have in our journey, that what we do and the funds we raise has a positive affect on these kids. The Terry Fox foundation and PROFYLE are recipients of some of our funding, and it is this contiinuous effort that will make a difference in the lives of these kids. The money you donate can and does make a diffierence, and through this we are encouraged that we too are making a difference to get kids beyond childhood cancer. You’ve gotta have faith.

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