Day 7 - Glenboro to Kenora

Day 7 – Glenboro to Kenora

Today’s ride was hard. It was cold, wet and windy. The roads were uneven, and the riding was rough. Our bodies were beat up and stressed. But we do these things in the hope that the funds we raise, over $400,000 for this ride, and over $10 million dollars in the years that the ride has operated, and the awareness we bring to the communities we visit will mean that one day, no parent will hear the words “your child has cancer”

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At the hospital, we were welcomed by pediatric oncology doctors and met a 14-year old patient, Amara, and her parents and brother, who live in a rural farming community about 450k from Winnipeg. About 7 months ago, Amara started complaining about pain in her right hip and knee, and a shortness of breath. X-rays and a CT scan confirmed the presence of a mass on her pelvis and spots on her lungs and she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. She has undergone many painful procedures and a very intense chemo regimen, and has spent over 140 days in the hospital. Her mother described the challenges of a split family and the financial hardships they are facing, and thanked us for our efforts to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

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