National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 7. Carlyle to Wawanesa.

I never got to say what happened last night when we arrived in Carlyle. This was a highlight that we had been told about. The Currie Family. Nicole, Kelly and Taylor. They opened their home to us to shower, rest, eat and drink. There wasn’t room for us to sleep in the house, or they would’ve let us do that too! But Rodger had parked the rig and trailer in the empty lot across the road, and there we stayed. They did this last year, as there wasn’t anywhere in the village that really could’ve helped us. And, even though their Sears business had been closed, they wanted to help again. This was JUST what we needed after the gruelling day we had had. It’s like the reward of going home after an intense bout of chemo, or having been admitted with crappy complications. relaxation. And boy, did we need it. 6 days done, and 6 days of physical endurance. I slept well.

This morning, they did it all over again, with an incredible breakfast and the warmest of sendoffs.

Today’s ride WAS the recovery ride we needed. The winds were fair, and in our favour, the weather was clear and dry, and the receptions were phenomenal.

Rest stop #1 – Redvers. A full school out to meet us with the energy that only kids can put out. they lifted us up and we soared. Mike had told us about this and they didn’t disappoint! Words can’t do just ice to the reception they gave us.

Rest stop #2 – Reston. Anothe school (but it was class. But they opened their hall to us with open arms.

Rest stop #3 – Souris. lunck, BBQ, doughnuts to die for and hospitality overwhelming

Rest stop #4 – Wawanesa. The village fed us – full on Ukranian. Borscht, cabbage rolls, pierogies (OMG), beet leaf rolls, and field sausage. I think i died and went to heaven.

This is the rise when things are going right. You get days and weeks like this, when treatments work, scans are good andyou feel well. The kids tear around and have energy that you swear comes straight from a different dimension.

 Oh – did i tell you they  half a bear in the basement?

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