National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 5 Swift Current to Regina

Boy the prairies are flat indeed… can see for miles & miles…..check out the views…it’s a delight to see the trains carrying wheat & the grain silos & wheat fields. The grasshoppers were bouncing & the butterflies were flittering. Beautiful sights indeed stretching as far as your eyes can see. It’s raw beauty that many children will never get to see.

For many people, seeing a butterfly is a lovely experience. They are beautiful & exotic & seem to just float in the air. I agree that they are beautiful but their lives are short lived. Just like many of the children I see with cancer.

There is a program in many pediatric hospitals that issue “bravery beads”. These are different shaped beads that are given out for every horrible treatment & procedure these children have to undergo. My son Simon’s bravery beads are over 16 ft long in only 11 months. You can only imagine how many blood transfusions, spinal taps, rounds of chemo, surgeries etc that he went through in that short time to be provided with so many beads!

Sadly, when a child dies from cancer, the last bead they are given is the “butterfly” bead symbolizing that they have now flown up to the heavens. Butterflies are still pretty creatures but I don’t look at them the same anymore. My preference is for them to be floating in the sky & not on the end of a piece of string confirming that a child has died.

So today I am continuing my fight to raise monies for the much needed research that we are working on to take treatments & protocols to another level. We desperately need new drugs. Why is it that kids cancer is so abysmally underfunded? It just doesn’t make any sense. I know how prevalent adult cancer is & there is no shortage of treatments for them….. but why do we only allocate 3% of cancer monies raised by other organizations to kids cancer…..ONLY 3%……seriously? Are our children not worth it or is society just naïve & staying blind to the needs. What if it was your child or grandchild was being told today that they have cancer. Would your opinion change then? I know I may be blunt in what I say but I think Canada needs a bit of a wake up call.   1 in every 285 kids in Canada are living with & beyond Cancer……that is too huge a number. How many in every school does that work out to be? Think about that for a while…… Thank goodness our organization (Coast to Coast against Cancer) focuses solely on children’s cancer. We are the few who dare to go that route to make a difference. You can help too.

Please support me in my quest to end kids cancer.