National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 5

Today started out at a local restaurant in Swift Current for breakfast…it was top notch!!

We made our way to the parking lot where our bikes were waiting…team meeting and dedication

Our dedication was done by Steve Hawkins to Ty…a young vibrant teenager that like to teach…he taught his family and friends on how to be brave passionate courage…taught the doctors to think outside the norm or the box…

Ty defied the odds several times and kept on teaching for four years until the cancer took him…he continues to teach as the doctors are using his case for studies

As I stated about me beginning to change my ways of being doubting Thomas… James and the three hawks…Cassy and the cats…well Ty’s mother had a ladybug tattoo and as Steve read the dedication….a ladybug landed on the cuff of his sock and stayed there and rode along with us way after our lunch break…

Our ride on this day was very flat…very hot…with a beauty tailwind all day pushing us…averaging over 32 km per hour for 171km

We ride for Ty


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