National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 4: the prairies

I’m blogging in the Arv las we shuttle from Lloydminster to Saskatoon  the challenge of this seems somewhat more difficult than the riding day  since its dark, I’m using my iPhone, and it’s a crap shoot where my fingers will land as we bump Ali g the  highway  excuse the mistakes but enjoy the moment ;.-)

my day began with the bad news that I had a minor mechanical issue with my bike that couldn’t be solved before the roll out in Edmonton.  Like many problems  in life this seemed line a much larger and more important issue than it truly was.  I was disheartened and frustrated at first   But in reality the problem created some beautiful moments that I wouldn’t have otherwise been gifted with. The first being the commitment from the volunteers to do whatever they can to meet the needs of all of us. The second being the opportunity to see my brother in law  and the third, to understand what is important on this powerful journey

Because I was so wrapped up in my bike issue, I missed the dedication this morning. And I see how important it is to hear the stories of childhood cancer because it gives us a reason and to ride our butts off for 7 hours  the stories are the reason to ride.  When we’re so wrapped up in our own  daily whine-fests that we do t stop to think about what we should be grateful for.  Such as having healthy children who can run around, who can live in their homes rather in a hospital, who can go to school with their neighbourhood friends, who can comfortably sit, stand, and be hugged,without it hurting.

So ya, I missed out on riding with my team for 40 km this morning.  My body is feeling the hundreds of kms that we’ve ridden so far  Get over it.  It could be so much worse  Keep your eye on the important things and take what you’re learning on this journey and put it out there so others can get how important it is to stop kids from having to deal with th impact of this disease.#beyondkidscancer @ctcacf



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