National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 4: Making Tea

Oh hot dam! It was a toasty one today. I mean lets rewind to this day in 2013…and 2015… Rain, wind and more rain! Teeth chattering, bone chilling cold. Today was a complete 360. We knew it was going to be a hot one, but when it is 34 on the weather app…. Magnify this by 10 more degrees at least, we are pedaling at 32-38km/hr, sweating, and all the while our water is boiling like us.


When we woke up in the Walmart parking lot in Lethbridge I was like “okay Tay get your pants on, jacket, what warm things do you need for your bike today?” kind of thing, and then I see dad walk back into the bunk truck, coffee in hand, in shorts and a t-shirt? WHAT! Its WARM out? This is a new thing in all of the years of doing this and I LIKE it. Hello lets work on my super sexy bike tan line haha.


Back to the serious business- Todays dedication was done by my amazing RV driver co-pilot Deb for her niece Cassy. Cassy was as she put it “full of piss and vinegar”- to this I can relate. I really loved how she spoke of her with such love, humor and passion. Cassy was 13 when she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma- this is usually a tumor that is either soft tissue or bone related and hers was her 12th rib. But this isn’t a story about her cancer- it is a story of how she lived her bucket list; Cassy was given 6 weeks to live and so she did all the things that a young girl should; Deb’s husband took her driving (even on the busy streets), she went to high school for the day and the football team put on an event for her. She also wanted to get her belly button pierced and get a tattoo with her best friend Tequila (yes that is her name), and they got a childhood cancer symbol intertwined with a rose. You were the wind behind our backs today.


Why are we “making tea” you ask? It is a metaphor for this whole journey I made up today. We start in Vancouver with over 32 cyclists, and 40 some amazing volunteers that help us cross this country safely- I have dubbed them the amazing grandparents that “make us tea” because tea fixes all the things. They cook for us like grandmas do, they fix our bikes and things like grandpas do, they drive for hours and hours (literally coast to coast) like parents do when you are a kid and they care for our medical needs; taking care of our bums, taking care of our aches and pains like parents and grandparents do. So while we were rolling on the cooking hot pavement and our water bottles were boiling water and Shelley yells from the front of the pack “hey guys its like making tea see its hot!” as she drank from her bottle.


Today was a really amazing day.  We literally had visitors cheering us on from every rest stop with amazing food, and DONATIONS! One school raised $300 for us during their bake sale yesterday, and the Sausage place in Seven Persons donated next to $3000.


Thank you to those of you who I met at McDonald’s this morning who gave me donations, and to Corrie (other RV driver duo) and her friends- for your friends two children Tanya and Joey to give their babysitting money and chore money to us… wow that made my heart swell.

Well I am over and out from the bunk truck as I am sure my typing is driving my bunk mates crazy!

To making much more tea <3


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