Day 4: Lethbridge to Swift Current

Day 4: Lethbridge to Swift Current

The day started at 6:30a with riders getting kitted up and bikes prepped before we headed out. We went and listened to the morning dedication for Cassandra “Cassy” Mann. Cassy was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma – and treatments stared right away with surgery, chemo and radiation. She handled all of the adversity, pain and isolation with a great attitude and positive outlook.

Photos courtesy of Olya Glotka & Abu Khan:

From our riders blog

Today, we started out with warm temperatures and regular riding kits (rather than thermal gear) and the forecast was for the temperature to soar throughout the day. We hit the road and started to ride… the wind shifted to a tailwind, then increased significantly throughout the day – at times it was behind us and as the road meandered, it periodically came from our right. The peloton was tight and working well together along the route. By the time we arrived in Barnwell, the skies were clearing, the sun was out and the temperatures started to soar. – Brett Bourne

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